Collection: Perfumes

Our exclusive and unique Perfumes using the highest quality ingredients to create these amazing women's perfumes. Yodeyma Perfumes match the most amazing big branded perfumes. 

Yodeyma Paris are bringing an extensive collection of Eau de Parfums since 1991. Discover these quality fragrances to be able to wear a new perfume every day. These perfumes are made from most elegant and sophisticated ingredients which are never tested on the animals.

Yodeyma manufactures great fragrances inspired by the brands, famous men and women. Yodeyma aims to bring high quality fragrances at considerably lower prices. This is evident from the excellent reviews from our customers who have previously used these fragrances and became fans. Amongst the top sellers for repeat purchases.

These are not counterfeit, but are generic perfumes (you may already be aware of the term generic medicines) containing same molecules compounds of branded fragrances, having very small and subtle variations.

Note: The names and trademarks mentioned in this page are purely indicative and are mentioned exclusively for the identification of the fragrances and their inspirations.

We are writing to you to inform you that, as of March 1, 2022, the European Commission, according to its regulation 2022/135, has modified the regulations that affect the entire cosmetics and perfumery market in Europe. Therefore, in compliance with said regulations and in compliance with the new regulations, the following fragrances have been reformulated: Acqua per uomo, Dela, Harpina, Marcha, Platinum, Sexy rose, Agua fresca, Delice, Hola for her, Marcha men, Power , Sophisticate men, Aroma, Élet, il, Miseho, Power woman, Stylo, Atrapame, Escitia, Ilvento, Morfeo, Prive, Stylo men, Azx, Essence, Insinue, Nicolas for her, Prose, Sublime, Bella, Space, Instint, Nicolas White, Rafael davini, Sweet girl, Candy, Floral, Iris, Nota, Root, Temis, Dauro, Freshia, Junsui, Notion, Seduccion, Transparencia, Dauro for her, Fruit, Kiss me, Notion woman, Serenity, Vanity.